Balancing Services


For stock engines. Dynamic tolerances set to 0.24 grm mm. Connecting rods are balanced overall to within 1 gram (not end for end) and pistons are balanced to within 1.5 gram.

Fast Road

This is the most popular tolerance and will give a well balanced engine. Dynamic tolerances are set to 0.16 grm mm and Connecting rods are weighed end to end to within 0.5 gram, and pistons to within 0.75 gram


Dynamic tolerances set to 0.04 grm mm .Connecting rods are balanced to 0.1 gram end for end, and pistons to within 0.1 gram.

Carrying out the work...

To carry out any balancing work we MUST have the following parts:

Formula vee balancing

Before and after print out of balancing tolerances is provided.